How do I cancel/void a shipping label and request a refund?

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To cancel a shipping label, click Shipments in the main menu. Then search for the shipment you want to void. (Hint: the most recent shipments will be at the top of the list.) Select the shipment to void and then click the Void Shipments button.

For Endicia and Express 1, to qualify for reimbursement:
     1.) The shipment must not have been scanned by the USPS
     2.) The refund must be requested within 10 days of generating the label.

Once you click Next the refund request will be submitted, and you will get a status message on whether it was accepted. If the refund was successful, the shipments will be voided and the order will be returned to the “Awaiting Shipment” status in the orders area.

For Endicia, the refund will be credited to your postage account within 14 days of the request.

For Express 1, the refund will be issued back to your Express 1 Provider account immediately.

Since both UPS and FedEx are post-billed accounts, voiding a shipment that uses one of those two services may not be necessary. You may still wish to void the shipment since it will move the order back to the "Awaiting Shipment" status.

Please note that at this time, First Class Mail International labels cannot be electronically voided. You will need to log into your DYMO Endicia account and request a refund by mail (for more information on how to request a refund through Endicia, please visit this article). Endicia is planning on adding electronic refunds for FCMI labels, but they have not provided an expected date. For Endicia's full refund policy, please visit this page.

For both UPS and FedEx, labels are post-billed, so if you create a shipping label and do not use it, you do not need to request a refund for it. You may still void the label, however, if you wish.


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